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This is the lovely Tressa. Just over a year ago, at 14 years old, she had her right eye removed. The eye had ruptured, meaning the only way we could help her was to remove it. She recovered well from her operation and coped very well with just...


A week before this picture was taken, Ginger came to see us with a very sore eye. He had a nasty scratch on his cornea. It was so bad we even thought we may have to remove it! 

Luckily for Ginger, his kind and attentive owners did a...


Archie is a dearly loved gentleman of a one-eyed four year old rehomed Bulldog with a missing tooth. He has a kind heart and, as you can see, is extremely handsome.

Unfortunately for Archie, when he was a puppy the bones in his front...


This is Albi. As you can see, he's a Labrador. In keeping with most Labradors, Albi will eat just about anything- So when his owner's grown up son left his smelly socks on the patio, Albi helpfully tidied up by swallowing the socks.



This is Tiggy, she's an elderly cat, very much loved by her owners and she'd been unwell for a few weeks. She had a high temperature but it was difficult to find out exactly why she was so ill.

Her abdomen began to swell and be sore and...


Monty came into us when his owner noticed he wasn't his usual self. He was lethargic, not eating and panting when resting. We x-rayed, took bloods and ultrasound scanned him,the image on the ultrasound showed a mass on his spleen.


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