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Memories of loved pets

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A long time ago on an island a little kitten sat on a mat outside a flat.

Abandoned, nervous and freightened he sought food each day, praying for a home to stay.

Walking one morning, I perceived this little stray, dark emerald...


Our darling Queenie was rescued by us in Turkey. Ravaged by other dogs near to death and in desperate need of care, food and love we took her in to our hearts. We already had another Rottweiler Prince and they hit it off immediately. When time...


Molly was our second dog, a gorgeous white faced collie, who we rescued at the age of three months from the RSPCA. She was simply the love of my life!
Within three days of rescuing her she became seriously ill and a diagnosis of...


Casey was a seven year old English spaniel that we rescued in 2009.  She was seven years old.  She had been used to breed from and had spent her life producing puppies. She didn't know how to walk on a lead, how to play or how to interact with...


A member of our family for 14 years, a friend forever, loyal and trusting, will be missed but never forgotten. A rescue dog who made our house a home. Well cared for by Ian McAllister when his time came.

Rest in peace Monty Dog



I rescued my boy B, a Shih tzu, from death row at a rescue home 3 years ago, he was 12. He was so old no one wanted to adopt him. They told me that I could have 12 months from him, I had 3 wonderful years with him.
Unfortunately age caught...

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