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14 Church Lane, Lexden,
Colchester, Essex. CO3 4AF


Wonderful staff

“The wonderful staff at the Ark have saved my beautiful kitty Blue twice in recent months.

It all started with a urinary obstruction a few months back - exceptional treatment and a new diet plan made us all smile again. Then our darling boy decided he needed to supplement his new diet with some nice yet deadly cotton thread!! The Ark again saved our Blue after removing thread that had been wrapped around the base of his tongue, several barium dye scans and relentless efforts to make our shy cat eat so he could pass the remaining string. They were successful and 12 inches of thread arrived to sighs of relief and smiling hearts! We are beyond grateful to ALL the staff. THANK YOU to the wonderful ladies at reception who we bombarded with questions and requests of updates, they are attentive, friendly and patient. THANK YOU to veterinary nurse Laura who gave Blue all the cuddles, belly rubs and love he needed to aid his recovery. He is such a shy guy and we all know recovery is easiest when you are relaxed and comfortable so I know this was integral to improving his condition. Finally THANK YOU to both Marcus and Peter your veterinary skills, knowledge and experience meant Blue received the best possible treatment and care, I cannot thank you enough!! I would recommend the Ark to anyone with a poorly animal because they truly care about every animal that walks through the door.” L.V

Blue the cat

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Monday to Friday: 8am to 6.30pm

Saturdays: 8.30am to 12 noon