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Memories of loved pets

George East

I met George as a kitten when he jumped onto my shoulder, and into my life, at Suffolk and Essex Small Animal Welfare (SESAW). That same day, I also chose Sophie, George's play mate, and Lily, who we think is Sophie's mother, and they all came to live with me in October 2011. George was then about five months old, a beautiful black kitten with big feet which he soon grew into. He loved playing and before long he was exploring the outside world. George was growing into a strong muscular cat but, at heart, he was a gentle giant and quite sensitive. When all the cats gathered around me for grooming, he would lay down beside Lily and, as she was being groomed, he would lick her head. George had a loving temperament and he sought loving attention. He enjoyed jumping onto any table where he could get a stroke and tummy rub, and he climbed onto my lap from time to time throughout the day. My neighbours loved George too and he regularly spent time next door and under the bushes at the bottom of their garden. On Thursday 1st June 2017, when I watched George go out into the garden after his tea, little did I realise that would be the last time I would see him alive. I found his lifeless body the next day about a foot from our back-garden fence; he was almost home. George was only six years old when he died. He had no health problems that we were aware of and Marcus had seen him for routine preventative healthcare just two weeks earlier. It is hard not knowing what happened to him, or the cause of his death, yet I thank God that I found his body and I was able to bring him home. I am extremely grateful for all the care given by Marcus and the staff at the Ark, and that I could stay near to George as he was cremated with great care and dignity at Essex Pet Crematorium until I had his ashes. We miss him terribly. George was a very special pet and companion. I feel priviledged that George came to live with me and that I could give him his forever home. 

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